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Polygraph Academy

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Polygraph Examiner Programme

Polygraph Examiner Programme. The successful completion of this 10 week (400 hour) full-time program results in a qualified Polygraph Examiner (Psychophysiologist). After graduating the Polygraph Examiner get lifelong access to QA and support from the Polygraph Academy.

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Continued Professional Development

Continued Professional Development. The Polygraph Academy offers short courses and refreshers to ensure continued professional development to qualified Polygraph Examiners.

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Leadership, Management and Soft Skills Trainng

Leadership, Management and Soft Skills Training and Facilitation. The Polygraph Academy offers training through the Polygraph Academy Services unit in Management, Leadership and soft skills training and facilitation adapted in accordance with customer needs.

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Polygraph Academy

More about our company

The Polygraph Academy was established in 2015 by Trevor Henn and Deon Groenewald, Directors of the Academy, to ensure ethical administration and interpretation of polygraph examinations in Africa, rooted in the APA accredited programs and focused on South African and African requirements and unique needs.

Previously, all Polygraph training in South Africa was done primarily by APA registered providers from the United States and once before 1998 by an Israeli school. Our affordable, quality programs are designed to serve South African and African needs while based on international content and aligned with relevant SAQA unit standards.

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